PhDs at Humanities

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The Faculty of Humanities welcomes all who wish to contribute to our knowledge and understanding of language, history, and culture, and invites applications for its PhD fellowships. The Faculty has more than 100 professors who can act as a PhD supervisor, and can provide all necessary training and facilities. PhD fellows are employed by the Faculty and generally complete their projects within four years in a part-time appointment of 80%. Eleven PhD positions are offered starting in September 2014.

From September 2014 onwards, research within the Faculty will be organized into six broad domains of shared expertise: European and Transnational Studies; Cultural Analysis; Culture and History; Memory and Heritage; Language and Speech; and Logic, Language, and Computation.

Each of these research areas will be conducting its own PhD selection process, and interested candidates are free to apply directly to the area that best matches their interests and proposed project. Some of the selected candidates will also be chosen for the programme ‘PhDs in the Humanities’ (Promoties in de geesteswetenschappen) of the Humanities Incentives Board, as well as the Humanities Division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).  For more information, including applications instructions and deadlines, please go to the page of the research domain of your choice:

Research Domain European and Transnational Studies
Research Domain Cultural Analysis
Research Domain Culture and History
Research Domain Heritage and Memory
Research Domain Language and Speech
Research Domain Logic, Language and Computation

Candidates who would like to do a PhD project in their in own free time are also welcome to apply as external PhD researchers at the research domains (for contact details, please see the sections on the individual research domains).

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