Combatants and relations with local populations

Capture d’écran 2013-10-09 à 22.29.34École française de Rome
École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
Deutsches Historisches Institut in Paris
Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom

Second workshop
Combatants and relations with local populations

Le colloque aura lieu dans la salle de conférence
du Centre Jacques Berque
35, avenue Tarik Ibn Zyad, Rabat

25-26 October 2013 au Centre Jacques Berque


Friday 25 October 2013
10h00 : Words of Welcome by the direction of the Centre Jacques Berque and Olivier Wieviorka

1) War Leaders
Chair : Stefan Martens
10h30 : Sönke Neitzel, London School of Economics  : Rommel
10h50 : Nial Barr, King’s college London : Montgomery (tbc)
11h10 : Hubert Heyriès, université de Montpellier : the Italian high command
11h30 : Discussion
12h00 : Lunch Break
2) The experience of combatants
Chair : Nicola Labanca
14h20 : Wolfgang U. Eckart, University of Heidelberg : Sanitary and psychiatric experiences during Germany’s desert war in Libya, 1941/43
14h40 : Christopher Mann, Royal Academy of Sandhurst : the Commonwealth forces
15h00 : Nir Arielli, University of Leeds : Italian colonial soldiers
15h20 : Coffee Break
15h50 : Stefan Petke, Freie Universität Berlin :  The Deutsch-Arabischen Lehrabteilung in North Africa
16h10 : Driss Maghraoui, Al-Akhawayn University : the Moroccan colonial troops
16h30 : Discussion

Saturday 26 October 2013
3) War, local populations and the rise of nationalisms
Chair : Olivier Wieviorka
9h00 : Martin Thomas (University of Exeter) : Feeding the Fury : The Political Economy of Algerian Dissent, 1940-45
9h20 : Jamaâ Baida, Université Mohamed V, Rabat : The Allied presence and its consequences for the Moroccan population
9h40 : François Dumasy, Ecole Française de Rome : The incidence of war on Libyan population
10h00 : Eric Jennings, University of Toronto : Colonial mobilisation and its consequences in AEF
10h20 : Discussion
11h00 : Coffee Break
4) Occupation and repression in North Africa
Chair : David Reynolds
11h30 : Patrick Bernhard, Trinity College Dublin : Italian repression in North Africa
11h50 : Peter Wien, University of Maryland : The Arab-German Nexus in World War II : A Critical Assessment of the Historiography
12h10 : David Motadel, University of Cambridge : Islam and the Desert War: Military Conflict and the Politics of Religion in North Africa, 1941-1943
12h30 : Discussion
13h 00 : Conclusion : David Reynolds

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