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The International Journal of Fashion Studies invites articles on all aspects of fashion as a social, cultural, historical and aesthetic phenomenon. Published bi-annually, the journal is interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed. Although the journal is open to contributions submitted in English, its principal aim is to be a platform for fashion studies developed by non-English speakers.
In the context of an academic literature dominated, in the field of fashion studies, by the publication of papers peer-reviewed in English, the work of those researchers who have neither the resources nor the time to translate it for consideration can go unacknowledged. With much research and debate taking place on the globalisation of the fashion system as well as on its non-western manifestations it is time to broaden the field to more non-English writers. This is the goal of the International Journal of Fashion Studies.
To that effect, all articles can be submitted in the first language of their author and will be reviewed in that language. At the moment we can ensure the reviewing of articles written in the following languages: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. As our network is constantly developing, the list of languages covered is widening. Therefore we are also interested in submissions written in other languages.
The journal will pay particular attention to the theoretical rigor of the submissions and the quality of engagement with the empirical data gathered, whether it is through quantitative or qualitative methods. Topics of interest might include: globalization; innovation; religion; gender; ethnicity; sustainability; systems of production, consumption and dissemination; communication; new technologies; digital culture. Particular attention will be given to new and heretofore unattended areas of enquiry.

Articles of no more than 8,000 words in length can be submitted directly to the principal editors or through the website. Please refer to the Intellect style guide before sending your article.

Prospective guest editors are welcomed and may approach Intellect or the editors with a proposal for a themed issue. Prospective book reviewers and publishers should approach the editors directly.

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Co-editor | International Journal of Fashion Studies,id=230/

Dr. Agnès Rocamora
Reader in Social and Cultural Studies London College of Fashion University of the Arts London 20 John Prince’s Street London W1G OBJ

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