The Eton Roundels

Henry, Avril

The Eton Roundels : Eton College MS 177 « Figurae bibliorum ».

Aldershot : Scolar press, 1990, 178 p.

ISBN 0-85967-756-7

Résumé :

The Eton Roundels, also known as Figurae bibliorum, consists of twelve pages of full-colour illustrations in a cleverly condensed scheme mainly composed of events from the story of Christ and the church, surrounded by biblical prefigurations. It resembles the great typological compendia, Biblia pauperum and Speculum Humanae Salvationis. However, the manuscript is English in origin and execution, and is earlier (c. 1260) than the oldest surviving copies of the two large works.

The introduciton is by Dr. Avril Henry of the University of Exeter. In her introduction Dr. Henry discusses the form and content of the book, the style, the often idiosyncratic iconography, and related English typological cycles (with a full concordance). The Latin is transcribed and a modern translation provided, with an explanation of each page of this meditational aid. The contents are thus accessible to the non-specialist as well as the expert. There is an extensive bibliography.

Axe de Recherches :

  • Équipe 1 : Histoire de l’art : formes, dynamiques, interprétation

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