Fashion as communication

Fashion-communication022BARNARD Malcolm

Fashion as communication

London : Routledge, 2002, XIII-209 p.

ISBN 978-0-415-26018-3

MOND 539

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What kinds of things do fashion and clothing say about us? What does it mean to wear Gap or Gaultier, Milletts or Moschino? Are there any real differences between Hip-Hop style and Punk anti-styles? In this fully revised and updated edition, Malcolm Barnard introduces fashion and clothing as ways of communicating and challenging class, gender, sexual and social identities.

Drawing on a range of theoretical approaches from Barthes and Baudrillard to Marxist, psychoanalytic and feminist theory, Barnard addresses the ambivalent status of fashion in contemporary culture. He looks at the producers, consumers and critics of fashion, exploring the tensions between haute couture and high culture, and asking how meanings are generated, and by whom.
Examining concepts such as culture, meaning, class, gender, reproduciton and resistance, Barnard demosntrates that fashion is not an innocent form of communication, and uncovers the ways in which clothing can be used both to create and contest identities. The new edition features new illustrations, a glossary of key terms and suggestions for further reading and research.

Malcolm Barnard is Senior lecturer in the history and theory of art and design at the university of Derby. His other publications include Art, design and visual culture : an introduction (1998), and Approaches to undestanding visual culture (2001).

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