Suspensions of perception

Crary, Jonathan

Suspensions of perception : attention, spectacle and modern culture

Cambridge, The MIT Press, 1999, 397 p.

Collection An october book

ISBN 978-0-262-53199-3

Résumé :

Suspensions of perception examines the paradoxical nature of modern attention, which was both a fundatmental condition of individual freedom, creativity and experience and a central element in the efficient functioning of economic and disciplinary institutions. Crary argues that the ways in which we intently look at or listen to anything result from crucial changes in the nature of perception that can be traced back to the second half the nineteenth century.

Jonathan Crary is Professor of Art history at Columbia University. A founding editor of Zone books, he is the author of Techniques of the observer (MIT, Press, 1990) and coeditor of Incorporations (Zone books, 1992)

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