Senior Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) Malmo

Senior Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER)
Reference number: KS 41-2012/675

Malmö University
Malmö University is the ninth largest institution of higher education in Sweden, with some 25,000 students. Our education and research culture is multidisciplinary, problem oriented and socially significant. Malmö University comprises four faculties and one school: Culture and Society, Health and Society, Odontology, Education and Society, Technology and Society.

The Faculty of Culture and Society
The Faculty of Culture and Society is a multidisciplinary faculty that includes the School of Arts and Communication (K3), the Department of Global Political Studies, the Department of Urban Studies and the Department of Language and Linguistics.

The Department of Global Political Studies
The department is a multidisciplinary teaching and research environment comprising eight subject areas: European Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Gender Studies, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), International Relations, Caucasus Studies, Human Rights and Political Science. The department’s degree programmes and research activities focus on global processes of change and the specific and evolving consequences for societies and individuals.

The appointee’s duties will include the following:
• Teaching, supervision and research in the IMER subject, with an emphasis on international migration
• Contribute to the development of current and new courses
• Contribute to the subject’s scientific development
• Participate in the broader development of research, teaching, collaboration at the department and the university, as well as administrative work.

In order to qualify for this position, candidates must have:
1. documented competence and experience in teaching, and a PhD in IMER or an equivalent academic merit or other professional competence of relevance and importance to the post advertised, and
2. completed a course in ‘Teaching in higher education’, or have gained equivalent competency and knowledge in an alternative way. An applicant who does not fulfil point 2 may still be deemed qualified for the position in special circumstances.

Malmö University further stipulates that appointees provide evidence of Community engagement and an ability to inform the general public in their field of expertise.
Leadership and team development skills.
Collaborative skills.

Further qualifications required in relation to duties involved in the post advertised are:
· Documented ability to teach in English.
· Documented experience of research and teaching in international migration

Selection criteria
The assessment of candidates for the appointment as a Senior Lecturer will be based on the degree of their proficiency and ability in what comprises the requirements for eligibility. Particular attention is paid to the scientific and pedagogical skills. These two areas are given equal merit in the assessment.

Other information
Candidates who do not speak Swedish at the time of appointment should be prepared to teach in Swedish within one year and perform administrative and other duties which require Swedish proficiency.

The position is permanent and full-time, based at the Department of Global Political Studies. Malmö University applies a system of individual salary negotiations and can apply a probationary period.

Contact information
Karin Sarsenov, Head of Department, Department of Global Political Studies, 040-665 8082,
Jan Lind, Human Resources, 040-665 70 21,

Send three copies of your application to Malmö University:
Kultur och samhälle
Södra Neptunigatan 6
211 18 Malmö
Mark your application with the reference number. We want your application by postal mail (not email). Your application must be received no later than 31 August 2012.

The application should contain the following:
1. Statement of intent in teaching
2. A brief explanation of the scientific, pedagogical and other significant activities for the appointment
3. A signed list of qualifications
4. Copies of degree certificates
5. A list of scientific and pedagogical works
6. Copies of scientific and pedagogical works (no more than 5 of each)
7. References
All documents must be certified. Send THREE identical sets of all documents.
Candidates may be called for interview/sample lecture by the hiring board.
Union representatives
SACO, Michael Svedemar, 0709-65 54 06
OFR, Evelina Mildner Lindén, 0704-81 91 21
SEKO, Bengt Rosén

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