The practice of persuasion


The practice of persuasion : paradox & power in art history

Ithaca ; Londres : Cornelle University press, 2011, XII-146 p.

ISBN 0-8014-8675-0

MOND 514

Résumé :

This sequel to The practice of theory stresses the continued need for self-reflective awareness in art historical writing. Offering a series of meditations on the discipline of art history in the context of contemporary critical theory, Moxey addresses such central issues as the status of the canon, the nature of aesthetic value, and the character of historical knowledge. The chapters are linked by a common interest in, even fascination with, the paradoxical power of narrative and the identity of the authorial voice.

Keith Moxey is Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Art History at Barnard College and Columbia University. He is the author of the Practice of theory : poststructuralism, cultural politics, and art history, also from Cornell, and Peasans, warriors, and wives : popular imagery in the reformation.

Table des matières :

Introduction : The politics of persuasions
Chapter one : Art history’s hegelian unconscious : naturalism as nationalism in the study of early netherlandish painting
Chapter two : History, fiction, memory : riemenschneider and the dangers of persuasion
Chapter three : Motivating history
Chapter four : Perspective, Panofsky and the philosophy of history
Chapter five : Nostalgia for the real : the troubled relation of art history of Visual Studies
Chapter six : After death of the « Death of the author »

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