Encyclopedia of hair : a cultural history

SHERROW Victoria

Encyclopedia of hair : a cultural history

Westport (Conn.) : Greenwood Press, 2006, XXVI-455 p.-[8] p. de pl.

ISBN 978-0-313-33145-9

MOND 509

Résumé :
The Encyclopedia of Hair looks at the history of hair through the ages, revealing certain common threads as well as many differences among cultures around the world. Ideas about what constitues attractive, stylish, or appropriate hair have varied from place to place and from one historical era to the next. Certain styles have come and gone, while others reappear with variations. Men’s and women’s hairstyles have reflected ideas about age, gender, religious beliefs, occupation, politics and other aspects of life. Hairstyling approaches also reflect pratical considerations such as climate, occupation, economics and the kinds of tools and materials that are available. Since the twentieth century, mass media and celebrities have played an increasingly influential role in determining hairstyle trends and fashions.

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