What is an image ?


What is an image ?

Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania state unviersity press, 2001, 1 vol. (X-286 p.).

Collection The stone art theroy institutes ; 2

ISBN 978-0-271-05064-5

MOND 511

Résumé :
What is an Image ? raises the stakes for writing in art history, visual studies, art theory, and art criticism by questioning one of the  most fundamental terms of all, the image or picture. This innovative collection gathers some of the most influential historians and theorists working on images to discuss what the visual has come to mean. Topics include concepts such as image and picture in the west and outside it ; the reception and rejection of semiotics ; the question of what is outside the image ; the question of whether images have a distinct nature or are products of discourse, like language ; the relationship between images and religious meanings ; and the study of non-art images in medecine, science, and technology.

Among the major writers represented in this book are Gottfried Boehm, Michael Ann Holly, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, W.J.T. Mitchell, Marie-José Mondzain, Keith Moxey, Parul Dave Mukherji, Wolfram Pichler, Alex Potts and Adrian Rifkin.

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