Illuminating fashion

VAN BUREN Anne H. ; WIECK Roger S. (coll.)

Illuminating fashion : dress in the art of medieval France and the Netherlands, 1325-1515

New York [N.Y.] : The Morgan Library & Museum ; London : D Giles, 2011, 1 vol. ([x]-431 p.).

ISBN 978-1-904832-90-4

EX 182

Résumé :
Illuminating fashion : dress in the art of medieval France and the Netherlands, 1325-1515, is a long-awaited, indepth study of dress in northern Europe from the early fourteenth century to the dawn of the Renaissance. This is the first comprehensive history of fashion to be based exclusively on firmly dated or datable art. Drawing mainly upon illuminated manuscripts, this book also features panel painting, tapestry, sculpture, and early printed books produced in France and the duchy of Burgundy during the late medieval period – a time of rapid change in dress.
This publication examines fashion’s relationship to social customs, culture, and politics. It also demonstrates the rich symbolism in late medieval art : how artists used clothing and costume as a kind of code that reflected the wearer’s identity, occupation, and moral  character. Analyzing the visual representation of garments – real and fanciful – Illuminating fashion provides invaluable assistance to the modern viewer in interpreting a work of art through fashion. In addition, van Buren’s astute observations on the evolution of dress can be used in dating a work of art.
At the heart of the work is a pictorial history of fashion from 1325 to 1515, a suite of more than three hundred color illustrations. This is followed by a comprehensive, annotated glossary of medieval clothing terms and a detailed list of dated and datable artworks that portray contemporaneous civilian dress. The index of clothing terms enables the reader to follow the development and evolution of particular garments.

Table des matières :

Dress in late medieval art
The historical conditions
Chronology and geography
Emblematics of medieval dress
The visual record
The nature of the images
Using the images today

A pictorial history of fashion, 1325-1515

Glossary : english and french clothing terms
Appendix : dated and datable works of art
   F. France
   B. The Burgundian Realm
   H. Northern Netherlands and adjacent german territories
Bibliography : Works cited in abbreviated form
Index of art
Index of clothing terms

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