Visual cultures of science

PAUWELS Luc (ed.)

Visual cultures of science : rethinking representational practices in knowledge building and science communication

Hanover : Darthmouth college press, 2006, XIX-299 p.

Collection Interfaces : studies in visual culture

ISBN 1-58465-512-7

Résumé :

This collection explores the issues involved in the creation and deployment of visual representations in both the natural and the social sciences.
Issues of representation affect every aspect of scientific activity, from the encoding, display, analysis, and presentation of data to the communication of scientific concepts and information to students and the general public. Visual cultures of science offers a useful mix of theoretical analyses, as well as revealing case studies, addressing such topics as the technologies of visualization (from X-ray machines to films made by anthropologists), the persuasive power of the graphic presentation of data (including a critique of the work of Edward Tufte), and the distillation of data into pedagogical representations such as scientific wall charts for classroom use. This book addresses both abstract and practical issues of representation, as well as demonstrating the importance of recognizing historicized perspectives in considering issues of representation.

Luc Pauwels is professor and chair of the department of communication sciences at the university of Antwerp. His previous publications include De verbeelde samenleving (Imaging Society) and articles in Visual studies, visual sociology, and Journal of visual literacy.

Table des matières :

Introduction : The role of visual representation in the production of scientific reality

1. A theoretical framework for assessing visual representational  practices in knowledge building and science communications, Luc Pauwels
2. The producton of scientific images : vision and re-vision in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, Michael Lynch
3. Representing or mediating : a history and philosophy of X-ray images in medicine, Bernike Pasveer
4. The accursed part of scientific iconography, Francesco Panese
5. Images of science in the classroom : wall charts and science education, 1850-1920, Massimiano Bucch
6. Representing moving cultures : expression, multivocality, and reflexivity in anthropological and sociological filmmaking, Luc Pauwels
7. Arguing with images : Pauling’s theory of antibody formation, Alberto Cambrosio, Daniel Jacobi, and Peter Keating
8. Discipline and the material form of images : an analysis of scientific visibility, Michael Lynch
9. Edward Tufte and the promise of a visual social science, John Grady
10. Making science visible : visual literacy in science communication, Jean Trumbo

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