The Sage handbook of visual research methods

MARGOLIS (ed.), PAUWELS Luc (ed.)

The SAGE handbook of visual research methods

Los Angeles : SAGE, 2011, XXI-754 p.

ISBN 978-1-84787-556-3

MOND 491
Résumé :

This book captures the state of the art in visual research. Margolis and Pauwels have brought together, in one volume, a unique survey of the field of visual research that will be essential reading for scholars and students across the social sciences, arts and humanities.
The SAGE handbook of visual research methods encompasses the breadth and depth of the field, and points the way to future research possibilities. It illustrates ‘cutting edge’ as well as long-standing and recognized practices. This book is not only ‘about’ research, it is also an example of the way that the visual can be incorporated into data collection and the presentation of research findings. Chapters describe a methodology or analytical framework, its strengths and limitations, possible fields of application and pratical guidelines on how to apply the method or technique.
The handbook is organized into seven main sections :
– Framing the field of visual research
– Producing visual data and insight
– Participatory and subject-centered approaches
– Analytical frameworks and approaches
– Visualization technologies and practices
– Moving beyond the visual
– Options and issues for using and presenting visual research

Eric Margolis is an Associate Professor in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. He is President of the International Visual Sociology Association.

Luc Pauwels is Professor of Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp. He is Chair of the Visual Communication Studies Division of the ICA and Vice-President of the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA).

Table des matières :

Part 1 : Framing the field of visual research
1. An integrated conceptual framework for visual research, Luc Pauwels
2. Looking two ways : mapping the social scientific study of visual culture, Richard Chalfen
3. Visual studies and empirical social inquiry, Jon Wagner
4. Seeing things : visual research and material culture, Jon Wagner

Part 2 : Producing visual data and insight
5. Anthropological filmmaking : an empirical art, David MacDougall
6. Repeat photography in landscape research, Mark Klett
7. Rephotography for documenting social change, Jon H. Rieger
8. Visual research methods in the design process, Prasad Boradkar

Part 3 : Participatory and subject-centered approaches
9. Community-based participatory video and social action in rural South Africa, Claudia Mitchell and Naydene de Lange
10. Differentiating practices of participatory visual media production, Richard Chalfen
11. Some theoretical and methodological views on photo-elicitation, Francesco Lapenta
12. Children-produced drawings : an interpretive and analytical tool for researchers, Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh
13. The photo diary as an autoethnographic method, Elisabeth Chaplin

Part 4 : Analytical frameworks and approaches
14. Quantitative content analysis of the visual, Annekatrin Bock, Holger Isermann and Thomas Knieper
15. Iconography and iconology as a visual method and approach, Marion G. Müller
16. Visual semiotics : key features and an application to picture ads, Winfried Nöth
17. Press photography and visual rhetoric, Terence Wright
18. Methodological approaches to disclosing historic photographs, Eric Margolis and Jeremy Rowe
19. Researching film and history : sources, methods, approaches, James Chapman
20. Looking closely : toward a natural history of human ingenuity, Ray McDermott and Jason Raley
21. Ethnomethodology and the visual : practices of looking, visualization, and embodied action, Michael Ball and Gregory Smith
22. Videography : an interpretative approach to video-recorded micro-social interaction, Hubert Knoblauch and René Tuma

Part 5 : Visualization technologies and pratices
23. Eye tracking as a tool for visual research, Bettina Olk and Arvid Kappas
24. Expanding cartographic practices in the social sciences, Innisfree McKinnon
25. Participatory geographic information systemes (PGIS) in visual research, 0
26. Numbers into pictures : visualization in social analysis, John Grady
27. Visual conceptualization opportunities with qualitative data analysis software, Raewyn Bassett

Part 6 : Moving beyond the visual
28. Multimodality and multimodal research, Theo van Leeuwen
29. Researching websites as social and cultural expressions : methodological predicaments and a multimodal model for analysis, Luc Pauwels
30. How to ‘read’ images with texts : the graphic novel case, Jan Baetens and Steven Surdiacourt
31. A multisensory approach to visual methods, Sarah Pink

Part 7 : Options and issues for using and presenting visual research
32. Interactive media representation, Roderick Coover
33. Doing and disseminating visual research : visual arts-based approaches, Dónal O’Donoghue
34. Making arguments with images : visual scholarship and academic publishing, Darren Newbury
35. Making a ‘case’ : applying visual sociology to researching eminent domain, Brian Gran
36. Visual research ethics at the crossroads, Rose Wiles, Andrew Clark and Jon Prosser
37. Legal issues of using images in research, Jeremy Rowe

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