The subjects of art history

CHEETHAM (éd.), HOLLY Michael Ann (éd.), MOXEY Keith (éd.)

The subjects of art history : historical objects in contemporary perspective

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1998, 1 vol. (XII-336 p.)

ISBN 978-0-521-45490-2

MOND 492

Résumé :

The subjects of art history provides an introduction to the historiography and theory of the history of art. Examining a variety of theoretical approaches, the editors and contributors to this volume provide interpretations of the history and contemporary relevance of such important methodologies as semiotics, phenomenology, feminism, gay and lesbian studies, museology, and computer applications, among other topics. Each chapter, specially commissioned for this volume, gives a fresh perspective on the topic by demonstrating how a particular approach can be applied to the understanding and interpretation of specific works of art. This volume will be a timely contribution to the current debate on the theory and practice of art history.

Contents :

Introduction, Mark A. Cheetham, Michael Ann Holly, and Keith Moxey

Part one : Philosophy of history and historiography
1. Immanuel Kant and the Bo(a)rders of art history, Mark A. Cheetham
2. Art history’s hegelian unconscious : naturalism as nationalism in the study of early netherlandish painting, Keith Moxey
3. Spirits and ghosts in the historiography of art, Michael Ann Holly

Part two : The subjects and objects of art history
4. Seeing signs : the use of semiotics for the understanding of visual art, Mieke Bal
5. The politics of feminist art history, Patricia Mathews
6. « Homosexualism », gay and lesbian studies, and queer theory in art history, Whitney Davis
7. Phenomenology and the limits of hermeneutics, Stephen Melville
8. Photo-logos : photography and deconstruction, David Phillips
9. The work of art and its beholder : the methodology of the aesthetic of reception, Wolfgang Kemp
10. Between art history and psychoanalysis : I/Eye-ing Monet with Freud and Lacan, Steven Z. Levine
11. Passing between art history and postcolonial theory, James D. Herbert

Part three : Places & spaces for visual studies
12. Art history and museums, Stephen Bann
13. Museums and galleries as Sites for artistic intervention, Gerald McMaster
14. Art history’s significant other… film studies, Bruce Barber
15. Interpreting the void : architecture and spatial anxiety, Anthony Vilder
16. Computer applications for art history, William Vaughan

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