Banking, trade and industry

Teichova Alice (ed.), Kurgan-van hentenryk Ginette (ed.), Ziegler Dieter (ed.)

Banking, trade and industry : Europe, America and Asia from the thirteenth to the  twentieth century

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1997, 1 vol. (XV-427 p.).

ISBN 978-0-521-57361-0

Résumé :

The theme of this volume is challenging both in its scale and in its scope. Its purpose is to take account of the state of research and writing on the symbiotic relationship between banking, trade and industry and the state during the rise and expansion of capitalism, and to compare and assess the results on order to widen current perspectives. Topics range from the origins of banking in the Middle Ages, through the influence of banks in leading industrial economics as well as in ‘latecomer’ economies, to the expansion of banking in America and Asia.
The volume has been edited in connection with the session ‘Banking, trade and industry in Europe, America and Asia (XIII-XX centuries)’ at the 18th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Montreal, 1995.

Alice Teichova is emeritus professor of economic history, University of East Anglia, honorary fellow of Girton College, Cambridge, and senior research associate, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ginette Kurgavan Hentenryk is professor of history, Free University of Brussels

Dieter Ziegler is reader in economic history, University of Bielefeld.

Contents :

Introduction, Alice Teichova, Ginette Kurgan-van Hentenryk and Diter Ziegler

I. Origins of banking : from local to distant markets
The impact of Italian banking in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, 1300-1500, David Abulafia
The great German banking houses and international merchants, sixteenth to nineteenth century, Michael North
Public banks, trade and industry in southern Italy, seventeenth to eighteenth century, Paola Avallone
Financial circuits in Spain : merchants and bankers, 1700-1914, Montserrat Gárate Ojanguren

II. The banks’ influence in leading industrial economies
Banking and the evolution of the British economy, 1694-1878, H. V. Bowen and P. L. Cottrell
Banks, economic development and capitalism in France, Eric Bussière
The influence of banking on the rise and expansion of industrial capitalism in Germany, Dieter Ziegler
Banks and the rise of capitalism in Switerland, fifteenth to twentieth century, Youssef Cassis
The influence of banking on the rise of capitalism in north-west Europe, fourteenth to nineteenth century, Herman van der Wee

III. The banks’ impact on ‘follower’ and ‘latecomer’ economies
The influence of banking on the development of capitalism in the Scandinavian countries, Håkan Lindgren
Banking and industry in central Europe, nineteenth to twentieth century, Alice Teichova
Banking and economic development in Spain, Gabriel Tortella
The role of banking in Italy’s industrialization, nineteenth to twentieth century, Luigi de Rosa
The role of European banks in the Ottoman Empire in the second half of nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Elena Frangakis-Syrett
The role of banks in establishing a community of firms in Russia, Andrei Yudanov

IV. The expansion of banking in the American and Asian economies
Banking in North America, 1700-1900, Larry Schweikart
Banking as class action : social and national struggles in the history of Canadian banking, Robert C. H. Sweeny
Nation building and the origins of banking in Latin America, 1850-1930, Carlos Marichal
Banking, trade and the rise of capitalism in Argentina, 1850-1930, Andrés M. Regalsky
International banking in China, 1890-1913, Shizuya Nishimura
The role of banking in Japan, 1882-1973, Kanji Ishii

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