Rediscovering aesthetics

Halsall Francis, Jansen Julia, O’Connor Tony

Rediscovering aesthetics : transdisciplinary voices from art history, philosophy, and art practice

Stanford (Calif.) : Stanford university press, 2009, 1 vol. (XIV-322 p.).

ISBN 978-0-8047-5991-5

Résumé :

Rediscovering aesthetics brings together prominent international voices from art history, philosophy, art artistic practice to discuss the current role of aesthetics within and across their disciplines. Following a period in which theories and histories of art, art criticism, and artistic practice seemed to focus exclusively on political, social, or empirical interpretations of art, aesthetics is being rediscovered both as a vital arena for discussion and as a valid interpretive approach outside its traditional philosophical domain. This volume is distinctive because it provides a selection of significant but divergent positions. The diversity of the views presented here demonstrates that a critical rethinking of aesthetics can be undertaken in a variety of (possibly incompatible) ways. The contributions open a transdisciplinary debate from which a new field of aesthetics may begin to emerge.

Francis Halsall lectures in history and theory of modern and contemporary art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Julia Jansen and Tony O’Connor lecture in philosophy at University College Cork.

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