Interpreting art

Barrett Terry

Interpreting art : reflecting, wondering and responding

Boston ; London ; Madrid [etc.] : McGraw-Hill, 2002, 1 vol. (XXIII-262 p.-[16] p. de pl. en coul.)

ISBN 978-0-7674-1648-1

Résumé :

Interpreting art : reflecting, wondering, and responding by Terry Barrett, author of our highly successful text Criticizing photographs, introduces readers to the varied methodologies of art interpretation wihtout unnecessary jargon, presenting difficult and complex issues in an understandable manner for a beginning student without alienating the more sophisticated reader.
The methodologies in the book are presented in order to give readers a broad introduction to the process of art interpretation. Throughout the book, readers are introduced to more complex concepts and encouraged to become active interpreters rather than passive absorbers of art.
Like an archeologist piecing together meaning through the events, artifacts, and remnants of ancient civilizations, chapter one : about interpretation, guides readers step-by-step through the processes of researching and developing plausible interpretations of the mysterious artworks of René Magritte.
Focusing on Édouard Manet’s A bar at the Folies-Bergère, chapter two acknowledges and describes multiple interpretations for the work, showing the varied conclusions possible for a single artwork.
Because students often find unfamiliar and controversial art most difficult to contextualize and understand for themselves, Interpreting art deals directly with it in a meaningful and objective style providing methods of looking at art that the readers may then apply, enhancing their abilities to think critically.

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