Luxury Bound

Wijsman Hanno

Luxury bound : illustrated manuscript production and noble and princely book ownership in the Burgundian Netherlands (1400-1550)

Turnhout : Brepols, 2010, XIV-717 p.

Collection Burgundica ; 16

ISBN 978-2-503-52558-7

Résumé :

This interdisciplinary study presents a three-part survey of the production and ownership of luxury manuscripts in the late-medieval Netherlands.

Part I analyses a corpus of 3,700 illustrated manuscripts produced between 1400 and 1550 in the Low Countries. The result is a cornucopia of information about many aspects of manuscript production : chronological, geographical and gender distribution, the genres of texts, the languages used, the dimensions of books, the number of illustrations, and the relationship between the making of hand-written and printed books.

Part II examines the libraries of the pre-eminent owners of illustrated manuscripts in the Netherlands : the ducal family and the noble elite. The great bibliophile Philip the Good set an example of book collecting that was emulated by the nobles of the court, creating a typical “burgundian” fashion in book ownership by which a small elite demonstrated a well defined group identity.

Part III draws together these various lines to offer conclusions about the book market and fashions in book ownership. This Luxury Bound charts a new vogue in books and reading, an important aspect of cultural change in the late-medieval Low Countries.

Axe de recherches :

  • Équipe 1 : Histoire de l’art : formes, dynamiques, interprétation

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