Céminaire international du CERAPS

Lundi 29 février 2016, à partir de 16h30 en salle R3.48 – Campus Lille Moulins.

Le séminaire international du CERAPS accueillera

Marcel Broersma (University of Groningen et professeur invité à Sciences Po Lille)
Connected Representation: Journalism, Politics and Social Media

Discutants : Nicolas Kaciaf (MCF, Sciences Po Lille) et Paul Le Derff (doctorant, CERAPS)

Résumé de la présentation : The advent of social media in politics and journalism has resulted in new norms and practices that impact the dynamics between both fields and their respective relationship with citizens/audiences. Many politicians use Facebook and Twitter with remarkable success (cf. the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK) to communicate their viewpoints, to influence public debate, and to organize grassroots support. Similarly, journalists have embraced social media for a variety of reasons, ranging from sourcing and reporting to branding and promotion. Building on previous research, I will analyze how social media are impacting  the power relations between reporters and politicians and, more specifically, argue that this transforms the nature of representation as a concept in politics and journalism.

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