Legacy of World War One. Shaping the Modern WorlD

PosterIn June, the intenational conference ‘Legacy of World War One – Shaping the Modern World’ will take place in The Hague. On Wednesday June 24 and Thursday June 25, approx 500-600 academics embracing a wide array of professionals – historians, scientists, politicians, ethicists, sociologists, medics, psychologists and artists – will discuss the legacy of the Great War. Is this legacy waning, and gradually becoming a thing of the past? Or is the legacy still topical today? By focusing on the contemporary world, our conference distinguishes itself.

The conference is not a commemoration but forward looking. Since the Great War had such an impact on modern society and left almost litteraly no stone untouched, we feel the presence of France during this conference is indispensable.

Within the format of the conference, various options for your participation or presence  are possible. Either in active participation to discussions, panels or key note sessions, by adding input for the cultural programme or in other ways such as sponsoring one of the coffee breaks, lunches or receptions with typical French food.

With only three months to go, we would very much like to discuss the various options with you in order to find the best possible way of collaboration. We would also very much appreciate your support in promoting this conference within your country by helping us to identify the right media or publications to reach out to the target audience.

More information on the project can be found at www.legacyww1.org or in the attached documents. We are looking forward to your reply and would appreciate some time in your busy schedule to discuss the above.

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