Sound Toll Registers Online

Le programme Sound Toll Registers Online recherche des volontaires pour compléter la retranscription des archives de la douane du Sound sur la période 1497-1633.

Participants can enter the STR registrations at home, on their own computers, via the internet, from the scans which have been taken from STR microfilms. They download small batches of scans, enter the data, upload the batch and fetch the next batch.
Admittedly, this is not an easy job. The Sound Toll Registers are written by hand in Danish. The handwriting is often hard to read and the format of the declarations varies. Prior knowledge is not necessary but participants must be ready to learn to read the handwriting and  to enter the data. They do not need to know Danish as the language of the Sound Toll Registers can generally be quickly understood. By clicking the ‘volunteers’ tab on you will find  the ‘Sound Toll Volunteers Online’ website. Here, you will find many documents which will help you to teach yourself to read the Sound Toll Registers and access to a Forum where you can post your questions.

Please, register as a participant at

The Sound Toll Registers Online team,
Ubo Kooijinga
Jan Willem Veluwenkamp (
Siem van der Woude

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