Going to War: Europe and Beyond, 1914-15

29 November 2014

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst



09:15               Registration


09:45               Introductory Paper

– ‘Mobilising Societies for War in 1914’

Dr Adrian Gregory (Oxford)


10:15               Coffee


10:30               Panel 1 – The Western Front (Chair: Dr Chris Mann)

– ‘The British Expeditionary Force, 1914-15’

Dr John Paul Harris (RMAS)

– ‘The German Army Goes to War, 1914-15’

Dr Matthias Strohn (RMAS)

– ‘French Reserve Forces in 1914: An Asset or a Liability?’

Professor William Philpott (KCL)


12:00               Lunch


13:20               Panel 2 – Eastern and Central Europe (Chair: Dr Peter Lieb)

– ‘War on the Eastern Front, 1914-17’

Dr Stephen Walsh (RMAS)

– ‘Seed Corn for a Future Army? Polish Military Formations in the First World War’

Dr Paul Latawski (RMAS)


14:20               Coffee


14:30               Panel 3 – The War Beyond Europe (Chair: Dr James Kitchen)

– ‘“I shall die arms in hand, wearing the warrior’s clothes”: The Indian Army and Imperial Mobilisation, 1914-15’

Dr Rob Johnson (Oxford)

– ‘Forgotten Colonial Crisis: Britain, Northern Rhodesia and the First World War’

Dr Edmund Yorke (RMAS)

– ‘A Comparative Study of Generalship in the East African Campaign’

Dr Stuart Mitchell (RMAS)


16:00               Plenary

Professor Ian Beckett (Kent)


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