Humanitarianism in the Era of the First World War

A special issue of First World War Studies, the journal of the International Society for First World War Studies.

Vol. 5, Iss. 1, 2014

• An explosion of new endeavours: global humanitarian responses to industrialized warfare in the First World War era

Branden Little

• The disaster of war: American understandings of catastrophe, conflict and relief

Julia F. Irwin

• An American enterprise? British participation in US food relief programmes (1914–1923)

Tammy M. Proctor

• Touring occupied Belgium: American humanitarians at ‘work’ and ‘leisure’ (1914–1917)

Thomas D. Westerman

• Waging relief: the politics and logistics of American Jewish war relief in Europe and the Near East (1914–1918)

Jaclyn Granick

• Politics of wartime relief in Ottoman Beirut (1914–1918)

Melanie Tanielian

• The American Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross’ humanitarian politics and policies in Asia Minor and Greece (1922–1923)

Davide Rodogno

• ‘A highly successful experiment in international partnership?’ The limited resonance of the American Committee for Devastated France Michael

E. McGuire

• The alchemy of humanitarianism: the First World War, the Japanese Red Cross and the creation of an international public health order Yoshiya Makita  Book reviews: • British popular culture and the First World War

Alisa Miller

• Weimar Radicals: Nazis and Communists between authenticity and performance

Gary Roth

• Men of Mont St Quentin: between victory and death

Glyn Harper

• Of little comfort: war widows, fallen soldiers, and the remaking of the nation after the Great War

Ingrid Sharp

• ‘Boredom is the enemy’: the intellectual and imaginative lives of Australian soldiers in the Great War and beyond

John Connor

• Kult und Krieg. Herz Jesu – Sacré Cœur – Christus Rex im deutsch-französischen Vergleich, 1914–1925

Patrick J. Houlihan

• Woodrow Wilson: a biography

Oleksa Drachewych

• The German–Jewish soldiers of the First World War in history and memory

Jeff Koerber

• Planning Armageddon: British economic warfare and the First World War

Samuël Kruizinga


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